New Clients.

Welcome New Babes & Bros 🙂

We love new clients, and we want you to love The Bar Method Princeton too! We have a New Client Special that’s just $75 for 30 days of unlimited classes.  Expect to see changes after your first class.

This introductory offer is a fabulous opportunity to become familiar with the workout, start to feel the benefits and see the results…at an amazing price! New clients that take classes consistently typically begin to see results immediatley.

The $75 New Client Special is available for purchase online and at The Bar Method Princeton to all clients who have never purchased it with us before. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a ton of classes at a great price. This package is for exclusive use at The Bar Method Princeton studio, is limited to one purchase per client and is non-transferrable once activated. Freezes and extensions are not permitted.

How Do I Start?

Follow the steps to create an online account and buy now!

Select and purchase the New Client Special for $75. Your package will activate the day of your first class, not the day of purchase.

Reserve a class as far in advance as you’d like. If it fits your schedule, we highly recommend coming to the Level 1 class for your first time. Arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can give you a tour of our studio.

Bring socks, workout pants (which cover your knees) and any top that covers your midriff (tank top/t-shirt, etc.). Make sure you have had something light to eat 1-2 hours before class. Please note, gum and cell phones are not allowed in class.

Congratulations! You’re one-step closer to flat abs, long lean thighs and a lifted seat!

Click here here to get started now!

Injuries and Modifications

The Bar Method provides a safe environment for students with varying limitations, abilities and strengths to work toward common fitness goals in a noncompetitive atmosphere. The Bar Method instructors can tailor the workout to students with special needs and ensure that each student gains the maximum benefit from their class. There are modifications for every exercise, so please inform your teacher of any limitations or injuries so they can adjust the workout to your needs for you to safely perform each exercise.

For more information, email or call us at 608.356.0255.

Looking to try out a class?

If you’re not sure that The Bar Method is right for you, but want to give it a try, then contact us to put you in a class.

After class you can purchase the new client special for only $75 or the single class for  $27.

To sign up for class, email or call us at 609.356.0244.

Class Descriptions

Level 1: This is a great way to start Bar Method and get you comfortable with our terminology. It will be detailed and precise, teaching you proper form to elevate your workout and increase your results. This is a full body one hour workout, and therefore a great class for any level client.

Mixed:All levels welcome. However we recommend taking a Level 1 class if it’s your first time at The Bar Method.

Mixed Plus: This is a faster paced mixed class with extra thigh and glute work. Slightly quicker stretches than a mixed class. We recommend that you take at least one mixed class or one level 1 class prior.

Bar MOVE: This is a variation of Bar Method class that gives students a cardio boost along with the same attention to safety, structure and muscle sculpting as The Bar Method. The result is a fun, heart-thumping hour of exercise that’s unpredictable and exciting. This is an advanced class with a minimum of 20 mixed or mixed plus level classes required. This class will be more strength than stretch and is recommended 1-2 times a week.